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Adam Schiff: Donald Trump Could Be Heading To Prison

By Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers – Via Right Wing Tribune – Opinion – California Rep. Adam Schiff has made it known that he is not going to stop harassing President Donald Trump after he is not president.

Some representatives, like Texas Rep. Al Green, want to impeach the president, but Rep. Schiff wants him in prison.

“I mean, it’s been clear, you know, from Bob Mueller that he felt and the Justice Department feels bound by this Office of Legal Counsel opinion that you can’t indict a sitting president,” he said on the CBS program “Face The Nation.”

“But he is a- essentially unindicted co-conspirator. He’s been identified as an Individual One, as the person who directed Michael Cohen to commit this fraudulent campaign scheme

“And I assume that all this means, in terms of the Southern District of New York, is that the case will be reopened when he leaves office, providing the statute of limitations has not run, and the Justice Department will have to weigh whether to indict the former president.

“From my point of view, if the evidence supports that, he should be indicted. And it’s certainly the view of the Justice Department’s reflected in that indictment that Donald Trump was the one who coordinated and directed that illegal scheme.

“And why should Michael Cohen to go to jail, but the guy who did the direction and the coordination himself evade justice? He is not above the law. “”

“He may have a temporary reprieve while he occupies that office. But I think the Justice Department will have to seriously consider reopening the case if that’s what it requires and indicting him when he leaves office,” he said.

The representative also continued his narrative that President Trump is racist and is intentionally targeting women of color.

“I think, you know, tragically, the president has decided that racism is good politics. Racism is a good political strategy.

“There’s a reason why he keeps returning to attacking these women of color and the rhetoric that he uses.

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